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Darwin may also desire to see Richard grow as a father figure as episodes such as "The Castle" have Darwin encouraging Richard to take more parental authority.

Like Nicole, Richard is very affectionate of Darwin and would do anything in his power to ensure his safety (even though his incompetence may prevent him from doing such in the most efficient way).

She was also deeply saddened by Darwin's temporary absence in the episode.Despite this criticism, it is all done as an act of love.Like he is towards his other family members, Darwin is very affectionate towards Gumball and can be especially overprotective of him, as seen in "The Safety" when he became overly paranoid.Darwin expressed his affection for Nicole in "The Mothers" as he was determined to prove to his friends that Nicole was indeed the best mom and was very excited to tell his mom when she eventually ended up winning the competition.In "The World," Darwin and Nicole are shown to be grocery shopping alone, suggesting that they do spend time together occasionally.

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