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Afro-Colonials are the descendants of Spanish slaves, while Afro-Antillanos include people from Jamaica and other islands in the West Indies.

The Afro-Antillanos were brought to Panama to dig the French Canal (which was later finished by the U. Today, the descendants of these people live mainly in Bocas del Toro.

Afro-Antillanos have had a particularly tough time and have faced widespread discrimination, some of which continues today.

The people in Bocas del Toro routinely complain of being forgotten by the government; many of their towns lack clean drinking water and have roads that are pockmarked with potholes.

People with African origins – Afro-Colonials and Afro-Antillanos – have lived in Panama since the 16th century.

Panamanians are often surprised to hear that Americans would rather send an ailing family member to a facility rather than take care of them at home.

Panamanians often live at home well into their twenties and thirties, or at least until they get married.

People came (or in many cases, were brought) here to build the canal or railroad, and do business in the capital.

The largest number of immigrants came from China and Africa, but there are substantial groups from India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

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