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All in an attractive desktop unit weighing less than a standard office typewriter. _ INTE3TEC CDATA SYSTEMS ® 2300 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 (803) 798-9100 TWX: 810-666-2115 MSI Meeting at Vail UBLISHER'S REMARKS Wayne Green including an exciting new outfit from Sweden, several American manufacturers came over for the show. Bill Gates was there too, taking orders for Microsoft.Sophisticated users will acclaim Super Brain's twin Z-80 processors which transfer data to the screen at 38 kilobaud! North Star was showing off their new disk system and get- ting a lot of attention. His booth was busy just about every minute of the show. NDCOH 2C 1t 3 TRENDCOH NDCOM ZOO TRENDCOH NDCOH 20 l 3 TRENDCOH ■NDCOH 200 TRENDCOH [NDCOH 200 TRENDCOH NDCOH 200 T RENDCOH ■i OCOri 200 TRENDCOH ll DCOH 200 TEEM 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRE ^M 20} 200 209 ** TRENDCOH 2O0 ** TRENDCOH 200 ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH * TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH -* TRENDCOH «-*• TRENDCOM RENDC" RENr TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 109 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH MB TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 1001 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH \m TRE^I^LIOO TRENDCOH 10H EH DCQH 10 **§S r * %&. Schwartz 38 Teleprinter Output for TRS-80 David G Morr 44 Murphy's Laws and other observations Terry Kepner 46 Thoughts on the SWTP Computer System Peter a stark 52 MUSKBD Terr v Perdue 56 E-x-t-e-n-d Your Micro Robert L Leffert 58 The BASIC BASIC Renumberer Adrian R. «* ss* *« r *r* OH _._ TRENDCOM 200 300 TREHDCt DM 200 :di**3 TRE. EHq Mh V00 T^EVW TRENDCOM 100 TRENDCOM 100 T*«J TRENDCOM 100 TRENDCOM V00 TREA 26 Cover Up c Ascolillo, N.

Re- member: Subscriptions are guaranteed— money back if not de- lighted, so no one can lose.Old-timers may remember a Curt Childress, the president of MSI, ready for some skiing after the busines meetings. First row, I-r: Bud Pass, John Billings, Jeff Harrow, Dana Peterson, Alfonso Langoria; second row, l-r: Glenn Krebs, Dave Crocker, Art Childress, Jaap Van Duffelen, Hal Hoffman, Dennis Seager (standing); third row, l-r: Richard Hinton, George Parsons, Irwin Pollard, James Bird, Mark Asplund, Wally Solotow; back (jagged) row, l-r: Lew Gordon, Mike Arnold, Chuck Martin, Denny Kessler.Reader Responsibility One of your responsibilites, as a reader of Kilobaud MICRO- COMPUTING, is to aid and abet the increasing of circulation and advertising, both of which will bring you the same benefit: a larger and even better magazine. Myers 80 84 1J90 94 99 100 102 108 110 114 118 Haiku Composer John Krutcn The Sorcerer Connection Ken Barbier Apple Ciphers A w Brown The PAI A 8700 Rod Ha,,en Don't Throw Away That Monitor— Yet! Borgerson Taking AIM Kenn v L, °y d How to Silence a Noisy Computer Chuck Ganan PET Wrap-up Tom Hayek Machine-Language Monitors for TRS-80 Robert h Edmonds Visit to OSI J Tom Badgett Publisher's Remarks-4, Output from Instant Software, lnc-5, PET-pourri-6, Books- 12, Computer Clinic- 16, New Products- 18, Letters-22, Contest! Thornton 64 Shavasan Meditation Program Dr Ian Thurston 66 Personal Finance System (Part 3) James Mc Ciure 76 Percom CI-8 1 2 Mod Charles W Blevins I|j78 Report Forest E.

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