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Only they hadn't been talking about being him shaggable. He looked down and for the first time realized that he was holding Nathaniel's hand. "It looks like the beginning of puppy love."Xander knew that British accent anywhere. "The Phoenix can sense something in him that makes it want to sing to the stars. "They both seem like people who are always laughing even in the darkest of times."Xander nodded, grinning. Lets see, if the clock was right then they had little over an hour until they closed. "Nathaniel, I have to do some inventory and some closing stuff. Afterward, maybe we can grab some coffee or something."A smile lit up Nathaniel's face.

Xander had been defending his virtue as being a bite worthy snack to a hungry vampire. There is a slightly less hard and angry vampire who is just dying to bake me something. His first instinct was to jerk away in embarrassment but Nathaniel hadn't disengaged their hold, so he wasn't going to give up this simple pleasure. He locked up and met the laughing blue eyes of Spike. Spike this is Nathaniel."Nathaniel smiled a hesitant smile at Spike. Something so beautiful that I want to just weep.""Oh," said Spike, simply. "That sounds like Spike alright." He looked up and Haley caught his eye from behind the bar. The smile was bright and warmed Xander all the way down to his toes.

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anything associated with it. Anything associated with Marvel comics I don't own either.*************************::: Author Notes::: This takes place during Season Seven of Buffy.

It belongs to its creator Joss Whedon and whoever else owns it. It takes place before the episode Chosen (Where all the potentials become Slayers). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Xander smiled, as he looked himself over in the mirror.

The hungry vampire being Spike."So, you off to work? Face it Spike, you're a marshmallow."Spike shot up from the bed muttering under his breath about wankers with big egos who think they ruled the world. "You know that I'm liking you more than a friend right? The vampire stood there in his usual all black sans duster, scarred eyebrow raised and arms crossed over his chest. It was Spike's 'what the bloody hell is going on' look. He had forgot that Spike was coming in to see him tonight. He sent Spike a look that promised pain later for embarrassing him like this. He just grinned cheerfully and raised his eyebrows innocently. He returned it with a feral one of his own, his eyes appraising as he looked the man up and down. She was pointing toward the inventory log clipboard and then up at the clock. "I would like that a lot."If they could have gotten some type of award or ribbon for fastest closing of a business, Xander was sure that he and the crew would have gotten it.

" asked Spike, entering the room and hopping onto the bed. "That loopy bint needs to learn how to take a hint. If I didn't have my soul I swear I would feast upon her blood." His eyes flashed gold as he stared into the distance and sneer on his face."Riight," said Xander, giving the vampire a patronizing look. Xander cheerfully waved goodbye and called out "I'll see you tonight at work". "I didn't know you went and hooked yourself a bloke, Xander," said Spike, his tone haughty. He waggled his eyebrows at Xander and nodded his head in an over here gesture. If I ever believed in soul mates it would be now."Blue eyes widened. As soon as the doors locked for the night they were officially done cleaning and closing thirty minutes later.

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Those that knew Nathaniel wondered what could cause the usual quiet man to laugh as he did. He wanted to moan at the sugary goodness but doing that in a room full of lycanthropes was just begging for trouble. " Nathaniel questioned, smiling, his laugher only coming out in quiet chuckles."You bet your pretty ass it is," muttered Xander, his voice muffled since he refused to take his mouth away from the cup till his drink was finished. Xander had done a taunting victory dance on the top step, misplaced a foot, and the next thing he knew he was rolling and tumbling down the stairs. He barely knew Nathaniel but never had one person affected him in such a way. The sun was peaking over the horizon and stars were vanishing in the early rays of dawn.

Xander nodded, pouting in frustration at a stubborn knot that refused to come undone. I have to go in and help work on next week schedules and then I'm closing with the crew. He checked himself over one last time and then grabbed his keys to leave for work. He had been really focused on that damn Rubik's Cube. He was easily recognizable with this distinguishing long red hair. Nathaniel had on a dark red shirt, faded blue jeans, and tennis shoes so white that they had to be brand new. Anita, whoever the chick was, sure had a lot of boyfriends or lovers or whatever they were termed. Sighing, Xander apologized to Nathaniel and joined his bleached blond friend in the hallway leading to the employee bathrooms. They made their way down the cobbled street of Delmar Boulevard, a comfortable silence hung between.

He flew to work again, as was becoming the norm for him, since there was no other time he could fly; he took joy in these short flights. It was only nine o'clock and the crowd usually poured in when it neared eleven. He was sitting at the bar top with his back to Xander. Licking his suddenly dry lips, Xander took his mind from the gutter and walked over to Nathaniel. The music was more muffled in the hallway making it the perfect place to have a private chat. I could smell it all over him so don't ask how I knew. Their shoulders brushed against each other as they walked and their hands touched periodically but they didn't hold hands.

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