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They pushed the matter (and a coffee table with a big pile of blow on it) and said that all the actors in their gay shoots are straight guys because that is the look they wanted in their videos, strong masculine men, not .The guys just do "gay for pay" and they also said I could make up to a 00 per shoot depending on the circumstances.I still was primarily doing straight shoots though.Then the director came to me with a proposal for a scene.Looking back I feel like a total asshole about it now as they wanted nothing more than for me to be successful and not have to struggle...sorry, I digressed.Anyway, since I had no money and wanted to keep up my partying lifestyle and since I was always very athletic, in shape and considered "good-looking", through one of the people I met in the party scene I ended up doing some modeling to make some extra money.

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I was out of control and living one big party life on my parent's dime while they struggled mightily to pay for me to have the opportunity they never had and go to college.

I'm about 8 inches, decently thick and my dick looks perfectly formed from shaft to head and can blow pretty big loads even after only a little break in between.

I knew that these were primarily for gay guys to watch but I didn't care.

It started with just masturbation videos of me lying in bed, or on a couch or in the shower jerking off.

I figured I was going to do it anyway so why not get paid for it and I was getting paid 0-200 per day that I did a shoot. The guy running the operation said he was impressed by my "re-load" ability and also that I had just the right cock for it...

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