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Currently we are working on our space backgrounds, skyboxes and cutscenes.

We are making good progress but we are always looking for more diversity and new ideas and we could use the additional help if you are: Candidates have to be able to work well with other people and eager to achieve a high quality standard with their work.

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It is not in the least bit surprising that something like this has finally happened because far too many editors have sailed very close to the wind by buckling under pressure from their bosses to increase readers, viewers and listeners.

It is also symptomatic of a level of denialism among media management almost akin to that of our former health minister and president with regard to HIV and Aids.

It is a denialism based on the premise that at some stage in the future a miracle will occur and traditional mass media will start rising from the ashes.

This denialism by media management is based firmly on avoiding the simple fact that quality content is the single most important factor in gaining readers, viewers and listeners.

A simple study of successful media shows quite clearly that those placing a strong emphasis on quality, credible content, are doing a lot better than those going all out to shock and sensationalise.

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