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Note that a work being a product of its time doesn't necessarily mean it isn't relevant or entertaining to modern audiences, even notwithstanding the kitsch or nostalgia factor (as many of the examples below will demonstrate).

As years pass, the number of people who get the joke or remember the reference shrinks until the joke becomes an artifact of the generation.

Historians studying an era, however, read the joke and get a good laugh out of it still and these jokes can liven up an otherwise dullish history lesson, or amuse a group of people knowledgeable of the era, or catch your grandparent off guard: "I haven't heard that joke for years!

Important Sidenote: To avoid questionable examples, do not add a work less than 10 years old unless the situation is especially unusual.

(Being completely overtaken by events by time of airing, and being called "instantly dated" by the press, have both qualified in the past.) For most works, it won't be particularly clear which ones really do bleed their production date out of every pore until roughly a decade has passed.

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